Rush Poker – Solid Play Will Bring In The Money


Full Tilt Poker’s all new poker format – Rush Poker – has taken poker cash games and removed the waiting time. As the first new poker format for many years creates a stir in the online poker community we cover you can build your poker bankroll effectively in these games – using a basic and solid approach. Checkout daftar poker online for more info.


We must note that playing ‘ABC’ poker might not maximize your returns from Rush Poker. Instead of approaching the detail of hand ranges, thin value and exploitative post flop strategies, we have given a more solid outline – designed to incrementally build your bankroll while keeping variance to a minimum.

For those who have yet to experienced Rush Poker, this works by moving players to a brand new table starting a new hand the second you finish your actions in the previous hand. A ‘Quick Fold’ button means you can muck before the action even gets to you – instantly being transported to a new table with new opponents taken from a pool of players at your buy-in level and table size. No-Limit Holdem and Pot-Limit Omaha games are currently available.

Since you will not see the end of many hands and your opponents will constantly change, it is difficult to get reads – or for your opponents to get reads on your play during the game. This leads many players to raise, re-raise and bluff frequently. Since nobody at the table knows that they raised the last 5 hands, why not raise one more! The other consideration is these tables contain a mix of small stakes ‘pro grinders’ and inexperienced players who are just enjoying the new format. Simply waiting for those inexperienced players to make mistakes is profitable alone, however another advantage of a solid strategy is that it can prevent you being exploited by those experienced small stakes pros.


Position is a key component of any solid poker strategy, and playing aggressively from the button is difficult to defend against, especially when you hold solid values. Since many inexperienced opponents will pay you off with weak top-pair (especially ace-rag) type hands, and especially with over pairs to the board, your potential gains are proportionally greater in Rush than in standard cash games.

Stack sizes are something to watch for, especially when considering playing small pairs or suited connectors. While you will see many opponents playing the 40 blinds minimum, they are also many players who will hang around after doubling up – often with 200 or even 300 blind stacks. Since your implied odds (potential pay-off) can be huge, hands which can make hidden monsters can be very valuable in Rush.